Arekta serves startups, medium to large retailers and wholesalers that are seeking quality-assured products and sourcing solutions from Turkmenistan, Azerbeijan, China, India, Iran, Vietnam and Turkey.

Sourcing Services

We work closely with our clients to source and manufacture products from Asian suppliers to the required specification and within the agreed lead time whilst giving visibility throughout the production cycle.

Trust is central to how we operate and we always look to develop deep partnerships with both our clients and suppliers.

Buying Office

We help our clients with their specific strategic sourcing or quality needs to manage aspects of their Asian supply chains at the source.

This unique model provides a dedicated team that can be established upstream in the relevant sourcing jurisdiction with a range of capabilities. The solution is a cost-effective, flexible and low-risk way of managing your suppliers.

Quality Control Services

With nearly two decades’ (tecrübe yılı size bağlıdır genelde bu kısım abartılarak yazılıyor) experience in Quality Control and Quality Assurance Services, Arekta provides the on the ground presence to validate your suppliers and oversee the production of your goods.

Using a rigorous sampling methodology, our inspectors can quickly identify areas of concern or quality problems and report these back in a timely manner.

Our Process

Assess your needs
Getting on top of the detail is the first thing we do. This means understanding what you are looking for from the suppliers, the product and us! With this done, it is possible to set up a smooth and efficient critical path.
Understand the Product
As part of ISO 9001, we always look to clearly document the product specification so that there are no misunderstandings from any party. We look to capture all the product details at this stage.
We reach across our qualified supplier base and beyond – making sure that we visit any new factories prior to any production – to find the most suitable partner to manufacture your products. This covers product expertise, market knowledge, capacity, financials and ultimately price points and quality!
We provide you with a quotation taken from at least 3 suppliers to make sure you are getting the best option.
Sampling & Development
We will manage the development critical path leading up to PP sample sign off before production starts. This is an important stage and sets up getting the product right for bulk production.
We work with the factory to ensure that everything is being moved forward according to plan and provide updates to our clients against the production schedule.
Quality Control
As part of our service, we do a range of quality control inspections as appropriate on site – raw material, inline, final inspection and loading inspection – to give our client’s visibility of the products before shipment. This means that you can see the products and decide to ship with confidence.
We will help book the containers and arrange for the goods to be shipped to port usually on an FOB basis. In some cases, we help with different shipping terms such as CIF, DDU and DDP.

Want To Know More?

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